Wet Sensory Bin Play: Snow and Colors
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Wet Sensory Bin Play – Snow and Colors

This theme week we are working on Colors. One of the first activities we started with was a wet sensory bin activity. My 2 year old loves sensory bins! I have been a mom for almost 25 years and I never knew anything about them and discovered them on Instagram. I did some research and we have experimented with a few, including dry sensory bins. Since we have so much snow outside here in the North East, Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set, 4 Pieces, a cool wavy dropper to encourage fine motor skills, and food coloring – this was an easy bin to put together.

This Snow and Colors Sensory Bin is so easy to set up:

  1. Scoop snow from outside in a container that is at least large enough that your child can play with the snow, but also not push it out onto the floor with every movement. I keep a deep medium sized bin (about the size of 2 plastic shoe boxes), I bought this one at Lowe’s for $4 and change.  I filled ours almost halfway.
  2. Fill a few bowls with warm water and a few drops of food coloring in each.  
  3. Lay out the bowls with food coloring and a dropper next to the snow bin. I put some newspaper underneath just to protect the floor a bit.
  4. That’s it, give them the dropper and let them go wild dropping the food coloring on the snow.  Supervise small children of course, however I found that for the most part she was happy to do this independently as we looked on. *One thing we did not anticipate is at some point she just decided that pouring the entire contents of each bowl would be a quicker way to make the snow different colors.  So if you wish to avoid that – be more hands on.

*Bonus Tip:  Add spoons, cups, or anything else that they can mold the snow with or scoop around.  This will make the activity last a lot longer after they get bored with the dropper.

My toddler really had such a great time with this one.


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