Working Mama

This Working Mama is Determined to Post to Blog More Often

I have finally set-up my blog, about 6 months after my brainstorm.  While I have an Instagram account @theworkingmamalife that is thriving, I still do not have any posts ready to go up yet here. Don’t fear!  I have lots of blog topics ready to go and if my toddler would ever finally go to sleep and my life would finally get organized, you should see many posts.  However, the reality of that is slim, so I will focus on a few a week for now.

Hope you enjoy reading about my chaotic life.  My mom moments.  My adventures.  My toddler’s theme weeks.  My planner obsession.

P.S.  The selfie included with this post is me, right after creating this site.  At 3 A.M.  Utterly exhausted, but very proud and satisfied.

Exhausted Working Mama

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  1. Robert says:

    I’m can’t wait to see more.

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