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My Happy Planner January Weekly Spreads

I am new to the Happy Planner and I can safely say I am probably planner obsessed.  I have a long fondness for planners and have had many over the years.  Very simple weekly planners.  As I became more busy with full-time work at home, part-time college to finish my degree, a teenager embarking on High school, a newborn, and somewhat of a social life – I found the weekly wasn’t enough.  While I always have a Google calendar for all my appointments – I needed something more intimate – something I can write by hand on paper. As someone who works on the computer all day, I crave the glide of a pen on something that doesn’t glare at me.

I found a daily planner that met my needs and the format was made for someone who had the responsibilities of mom and a business.  #momboss if you will.  I loved it, it was compact, functional, and helped me meet my goals.  Essays were written, newsletters compiled, SEO projects completed and school functions and pediatrician appointments were attended. I even went to a function held by the company that made these planners and although I switched over to the Happy Planner – I highly recommend The Daily Action Planner for moms that run businesses or run around doing everything all at once.  It was what I needed at the time.  I respected the company, it’s owners (who I met at the function) and it’s company mission.  It’s motto “Gorgeous Chaos” is exactly what I needed at the time.

I began to follow planner accounts on instagram and instantly fell in love with The Happy Planner.  Envious I waited out my old planner and couldn’t wait to buy a Happy Planner (I chose Shake it Up) and decorate it.  I felt like the creativity I was missing in my life – I used to scrapbook and draw and write all the time – and this was an old friend returning. When I was little I was obsessed with all of those 80s stickers and erasers, and while I did not have very many toys – I had a sticker book and eraser collection.  In fact, it truly was because almost 20 years ago, back in the day when I used to scrapbook, my favorite and most used products were from MAMBI, the company the makes The Happy Planner!

I found my planner peace and something that feeds my creative soul, yet is functional.  While I still use The Happy Planner Functional pages and customized inserts for my everyday.  My heart is happy to decorate my weekly spreads that I mark important tasks or events.  It brightens my day and when you work from home full-time, it is nice to have something beautiful to look at as the scenery can become stale.

My first weekly spreads for January.

Note: These are all #beforethepen

I went for the black and gold stickers for the New Year

Planner Weekly Spreads January

I combined these adorable EC Condren cactus stickers with my Happy Planner Stickers

Planner Weekly Spreads Cactus

A Wintery spread from Planaheadprintables  on Etsy 

Planner Weekly Spread - Winter

Pink – Aqua – Green – Happy Planner Stickers

Planner Weekly Spread Aqua and Pink

Peach – Black – Teal – Happy Planner Stickers

Planner Weekly Spread Peach and Black

The stickers come from multiple books or sheets.  I am doing this for creative therapy, so I don’t keep track.

If you want to watch someone who has lots of ideas on how to put together your planner, check out Heather Kell’s You tube channel – Kellofaplan or follow her on instagram @kellofaplan She’s amazing and honestly her videos are very relaxing.


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