DIY IKEA Magnet Board and Storage

DIY Corner: IKEA Magnet Board and Storage Bins

My 2 year old loves magnets, but they can quickly get everywhere.  Under furniture, in toy bins, and in her play kitchen.  So I when we bought our new home, I wanted her to have a non-refrigerator place to play with her magnets.

My husband and I did very little planning.  We already had this IKEA magnet board because we used it in our command area in our old apartment.  I love these little IKEA bins and have used them for my older children for years from everything to school supplies to little toys.  Best part is they were like 79 cents each!

Because we had a tight space between the window and the wall, we needed to find a piece of wood that size.  We also needed bars to hang the bins.  My husband had a little trouble with them because the board wasn’t very strong and we accidentally bought drawer pulls.  He figured it out.  However, a towel bar would do just as well.  We painted it the same blue as other parts of our kitchen including a small island and some spice racks so it blends in well.

All of her magnets fit in the bins and we have room for more.  It is her height so she can easily play with them and clean up is easy.  Somehow they have stayed in the bins, which I am frankly surprised.

Our Magnet Sets

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