Working Mama to three kids. One an adult. One a teen. One a toddler.

Wife. Brooklyn Girl. Writer. Student. Freelancer. Mompreneur. Food Studies Major.

Real life chaos and love in pursuit of work-family balance.

Recently moved from the NYC (born and raised) to Hudson Valley, NY.

Things I write about.

Food. Health. Life.

Being a Mama (25 years experience).

Planner Planning. Kind of obsessed.  #thehappyplanner

Theme Learning.  Something I did when my oldest were small without much direction.  Now just delving back into it and have found so many wonderful resources that I decided I wanted this to be part of my blog as well.

My blog is about the mama experience.  Which cannot ever be cornered into one thing or job or type.

“Successful mothers are not the ones who never struggled.  They are the ones who never give up despite the struggles.” – Sharon Jaynes

Probably you will never see Pinterest worthy photos up here, you will see a lot of color and busy and chaos.  I am not into the whole #momtruth thing – but those moms that do – keep doing you – you make my day brighter.  Just a veteran mom that decided to restart this whole wild ride for the third time and feeling a little worn out, overwhelmed, stressed out, and my own vibe being swallowed by my mom vibe.

I am a writer that usually writes about everything else. You know the stuff that pays the bills or got me a good grade as a none traditional college student the last 7 years. #collegewhilebeingamom  Now I just want to write for me.  If someone is watching great, if not great too.  I have promised myself to write, truly write for most of my life.  I have dabbled here and there on another blog without much direction.  Another decade of wishing.  Honestly, it is time to jump in and see where this takes me.  I might as well take you along with me.

Jemile Nesimi-Hobson