Family Dinner - Chicken
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Easy Family Dinner – Asian-Inspired Chicken and Roasted Carrots

When you work from home and have a toddler, a vegetarian teen daughter, a husband on low carb and your in-laws live with you too – dinner needs to be ready and simple, but also meet the needs of everyone. Asian Inspired chicken, steamed broccoli, roasted carrots, and plain fried rice – takeout from our …

Working Mama

This Working Mama is Determined to Post to Blog More Often

I have finally set-up my blog, about 6 months after my brainstorm.  While I have an Instagram account @theworkingmamalife that is thriving, I still do not have any posts ready to go up yet here. Don’t fear!  I have lots of blog topics ready to go and if my toddler would ever finally go to …